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What Is The Star Outreach Program?

With each new policy, Orion180’s “Star Outreach Program” allocates a fixed amount towards a charitable fund. This fund is managed by Orion180 and distributed to local charities and causes in the areas we write business. Orion180 looks forward to contributing to more than a dozen local charities important to us and our Agency Partners. The Star Outreach Program enables your agency to directly impact your local community.

How To Amplify Your Involvement In The Local Community

Sharing your impact – achievements, positivity, and gratitude – with your community can go a long way to attract support in the future. Communities want to be inspired. By sharing the Orion180 Star Outreach Program donation, you’ll be able to create conversations and truly engage with your community, connect and develop trust-based relationships to aid in future community outreach and fundraising efforts. 

The Orion180 team will be posting about donations made through the Star Outreach Program on our social media channels. We encourage you to post about it on your social channels as well. This will help us create an even bigger impact on the local communities in which we do business.


Leverage Social Media

Tag us on all your social media posts related to the Star Outreach donation; see our social tags below:

    • Instagram: @Orion180ins 
    • Twitter: @Orion180ins
    • LinkedIn:  Orion180
    • Facebook: Orion180 Insurance

Sample Social Media Caption Suggestions:

I am/We are pleased and grateful to partner with
@orion180ins and their #staroutreachprogram to
help support (ORGANIZATION) with a donation of $(X).
#giveback #givelocal

Thank you to the @orion180ins team and their #staroutreachprogram for their generous donation to (ORGANIZATION). I am/We are proud to partner with such an amazing company that supports #givinglocal and #supportingyourcommunity. 

Instagram + Twitter Hashtags: 

    • #supportyourcommunity 
    • #givelocal
    • #helpingothers
    • #giveback
    • #givingTuesday (If applicable) 
    • #beyondorion180hq
    • #staroutreachprogram

Contact Your Local News Stations 

Contact your local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX stations with notes that are short and simple. Give them a quick description of the donation, how much it is for, who it is from, what is the name of the organization it will benefit, and how the donation will positively impact the community. If a rubber-check photo op is scheduled, do not forget to include date, time and address, and your contact information. This will help share your story, aid the organization in future fundraising efforts, and help create greater online visibility for your charity. 

Send A Press Release

Press releases are another way of reaching local press. The release should be short, simple and to the point and help tell the story so that local newsrooms can pick it up and either publish it as-is on their own websites or reach out to you for additional information about the donation to enhance the story. Press releases will also help with your online visibility and searchability. Including a call-to-action at the bottom can help with fundraising efforts, as well. 

In addition to sending to local newsrooms, you might also want to post the press release to your own website to help with search engine optimization.

You can publish the release on either BusinessWire, GlobeNewswire, PRNewswire or the like, if you have an account pre-setup with either. Please note that each of the wire distributions do require a fee associated with each release dependent on word count, location of distribution and which service you use. If you prefer to use a free wire, you can consider using PRLog which will allow you to publish the press release at your convenience but will not be distributed across the local and/or national news desks. 

A press release template can be found on the
next page. Please make sure to customize the information in parenthesis. 

Press Release Template

(PARTNER) Partners with Orion180 to Donate $(X) to (ORGANIZATION)

(CITY, STATE, DATE) – (PARTNER), announced today that it has partnered with Orion180, a homeowners insurance provider leveraging advanced technology to serve independent insurance agents in the Southeastern U.S., to donate $(X) to (ORGANIZATION). The donation is part of Orion180’s Star Outreach Program, which provides support to local communities in which the company writes business. 

Orion180’s Star Outreach Program was launched in August 2021. For each new policy that the company writes, they will allocate a fixed amount towards a charitable fund, which is distributed to local organizations and causes that are important to the company and its agency partners. Through the program, Orion180 aims to donate more than $100,000 to at least a dozen charities throughout the year.

“We are thrilled to partner with (PARTNER) to support (ORGANIZATION), which works to (XYZ), said Ken Gregg, CEO of Orion180. “Orion180 is committed to supporting local organizations and impacting local communities through our Star Outreach Program. We are proud to be able to donate to so many wonderful organizations that work tirelessly to make positive impacts in their neighborhoods.”

“We are honored to partner with (PARTNER) to be able to give back to (ORGANIZATION), which works tirelessly to (XYZ),” said Ken Gregg, CEO of Orion180. “At Orion180 we are committed to giving beyond our HQ borders, and we are proud to be able to support a local organization that has made, and continues to make, such a positive impact on the lives of all those in the community.”

“We are so grateful to be partnering with Orion180 and their Star Outreach Program to support (ORGANIZATION),” said (PARTNER). “With Orion180’s help, we will be able to positively impact the lives of so many local residents who rely on (ORGANIZATION).”

Headquartered in Florida, Orion180 operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee.

For more information on Orion180’s Star Outreach Program, please visit

About Orion180

Orion180 is a homeowners insurance provider leveraging advanced technology to serve independent insurance agents in the Southeastern United States. Providing a combination of human interaction and unsurpassed technology, Orion180 enables real time quoting, binding, and issue functions in a matter of minutes. The company simplifies the homeowners insurance process, providing products that are innovative, fast, and secure. Its product has an A- A.M. Best rating, which means consumers are protected even for the most severe losses. Learn more at

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