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Step beyond the standard homeowner’s policies with limited coverage for precious items like luxury art and vintage wine, prone to loss, theft, or damage. Rely on us for thorough insurance, securing your collection.

Coverage Highlights

What's covered?

Orion180 offers a full range of protection for your collectibles, including:

Collectibles Insurance Details

Types of Eligibility Requirements
Dependent on the coverage type, the following may be required:

Coverage provided at any scheduled indoor location in the United States.


Temporary movement of your collectibles is insured, but there’s a cap on the amount covered.

Less Paperwork and No Red Tape

We understand that you don’t want to spend hours filling out paperwork and appraisals. That’s why we make the process as simple as possible. In most cases, you won’t be required to provide a schedule or appraisal for your collectibles.

Claims Process

All claims require proof of loss and should be reported in writing to GBLI within 90 days of loss with the following information

SPECIAL TIP: Keep an inventory list of your collectibles up-to-date and readily accessible, along with photos/videos of their condition, receipts for purchase or proof of value, and any relevant police reports.

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Did you know?

According to Property Casualty 360,

Collectibles We Help Insure

Here is a list of what we help insure:

*Covered provided under a separate policy

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